About our project

“Women are 50% of Ukraine’s success” is a social project aimed to enhance and support women in public and political life, to balance women and men in key positions for the acceleration of a truly European model of society.

Ukraine, who firmly declared its European choice, takes the last place among 58 member states of OSCE in terms of women’s political participation. As the number of women in Parliament we are far behind many countries in Asia and the Arab world (according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union).

New faces, new approaches, new ideas and solutions – it needs more than ever our country that faces such challenges as nearly destroyed the economy, corrupt system of governance and foreign aggression against Ukraine. Women suffer from war, economic crisis and corruption as much as men do and have the potential to further the peace process, reconstruction and reforms in the country. Postponing the issue of women’s equal participation in decision-making process means to postpone reforms and lose enormous potential.

This project started with the beginning of an information campaign under the slogan “Women are 50% of Ukraine’s success”.

“50%” does not mean the number of women seeing as there is actually 54% of them, but their equal balanced participation in governance, decision-making and implementing reforms – on a par with men. We are committed to both women and men have equal opportunities to influence the decision-making.

This project was initiated be National Democratic Institute, which is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that is not connected with any political force. The purpose of NDI is to promote the strengthening of democratic institutions around the world through a more active participation of citizens. The project is financed by the Government of Sweden – a country that ensured equal representation of women and men in all spheres and consistently ranked in the top 10 of Gender Equality and Human Development Indexes.

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